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Finding the perfect home doesn't happen in one day. There are a number of things you can do to simplify the process, including defining financial parameters, potential neighbourhoods and the desired features in your next home.

Do you need an extra bathroom, a garage, a fenced backyard, or lower utility bills? Do you want a fireplace, a short drive to work, or maybe minimal yard work? Once your list is complete, decide what is most important to your lifestyle.

Then it's location, location, location. Location affects your day-to-day living and is one of the most significant influences on value. Your choice of location may be limited somewhat by the price you can afford. Even so, make sure you consider such things as distance to work, schools, shopping and entertainment.

What type of property do you want? A single-family detached home is attractive to many people because it typically provides more living space and land. On the other hand, a condominium may be a more appropriate choice for you, with an emphasis on maintenance-free living.

Jan Carr can help you analyze all of these buying issues. A Realtor working as a buyer's agent works to find the connection between homes available in the market and the needs and financial capacity of buyers. Talking with Jan Carr will help you navigate through this complicated business transaction.

As your agent, I owe you the duty of utmost care, integrity, confidentiality and loyalty. In most provinces, if a Realtor is showing you homes, they are automatically deemed to legally be your agent, and owe you all of the associated obligations.

A Realtor will use various tools to try and find properties that meet your specifications including the MLS® service. One of the important search tools will be the local MLS® system. By sitting down at a computer the Realtor can key in your needs, choice of neighbourhoods and price range and immediately come up with a list of suitable properties available through the MLS® system. You can also view listings posted to the national web site.

When you select a property and decide to visit a house, there are many things to consider. Does it have all the features you wanted? Is the neighbourhood what you expected? Try to picture your favorite furnishings in a room. Remember all of the technical considerations:

- What type of wiring does the house have?
- What about power outlets? Different appliances use different types.
- What type of heating system does it use?
- What about the roof and foundation?
- What condition are the windows in?
- What about the plumbing? 

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